Garonga offers a true Big Five safari experience, with expert guides and trackers who are knowledgeable about the wide variety of animals in our nature reserve. Track wildlife in the pre-dawn or enjoy traditional early morning and late afternoon game drives.

Safari walks with a game ranger are another highlight, bringing our guests up close to the flora and fauna of the nature reserve. The Garonga guides will also point out the varied birdlife, and explain how they track animals by their prints.

Game Drives

Game Drives are at the heart of the Garonga experience, allowing our visitors to encounter the Big Five up close. Your stay will typically include a morning and afternoon game drive on our open-air Landrovers.

Enjoy tea, coffee and snacks in the bush as the animals are waking up on our morning game drives, and cocktails or a glass of wine as the sun dips below the horizon on our evening game drives. In addition to the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, white and black rhino), we also have cheetah, hippo, crocodiles, spotted hyenas, wild dog, and plains animals like zebras, giraffes, and several species of buck.

Walking Safaris

Cultural Walks
Cultural walks take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and offer guests the opportunity to learn about the fauna and flora that surrounds them, paying attention to the little things that could otherwise have been missed. Additionally, guests will learn about basic tracking techniques used by our guides and trackers daily (which they make look so easy!) Your guide will share tales and tips from the bush such as how to make and use a catapult, how to create a bracelet from a plant and how to identify different dung. Who knows, you might even bump into some of the bigger things on route too... but don't worry our guides have a wealth of experience, knowledge and qualifications to ensure a safe experience for all. This walk lasts approximately 3 hours.

Solitude Walks
Solitude walks take place on a Wednesday and Sunday. This is a completely silent walk through the bush where your guide will point out various points of interest along the route. He/she will not explain or talk, just point, and then leave it for guests to try and identify what it is. The purpose here is to take the time to take in the natural sights and sounds of the bush without interruption. On completion of this walk the guide will then sit the guests down and go through the points of interest asking what they thought they were. The guide will then sit each guest down on a boulder about 10m apart and then leave them for 20 minutes to think, meditate and simply absorb nature around them. An experienced guide and tracker will monitor this to ensure it is a safe experience for all. This walk lasts approximately 3 hours.