General Terms & Conditions

Payment Details:

Cancellation Policy:

Corona Virus Policy

Deposits: With immediate effect Garonga will no longer expect deposits to be paid for new bookings until the current Virus is depleting or ending.

57 Days: Guests who cancel 57 days before arrival will not be charged cancellation fees.

56 Days – 29 days: Guests who have confirmed up to 56 days (8 weeks) – 29 Days (Four Weeks) before arrival and wish to change their dates may do so up to and including 30th November 2021. If they don't wish to change their dates and cancel completely then the Cancellation charges will kick in accordingly. Date changes/Postponements must be made by 31st March2020. After that the booking will be cancelled and Cancellation charges made according to our T&C's.

28 Days – 1 Day: Cancellations within this period will attract 80% cancellation fee. Postponements the same as per 56-29 Days.

Payments that have been made to Garonga for Bookings will be held as a down payment for postponed bookings and will NOT incur an extra cost when the rates change.

Payments NOT made for Postponed bookings will be charged at the rate they were quoted but these payments must be paid for their original dates and NOT their new dates. Without these payments we cannot hope to operate at all.

This will be reviewed again on 31st March 2020.