Green Actions

Garonga will continue to look for ways to be environmentally sustainable.

Below are some areas where we at Garonga try and make a difference:

Solar Power

South Africa is well known for its year-round sunshine, making our solar panels especially effective. About 30% of our energy needs are met through solar energy.

Heater Pumps

The heater pumps replace electrical geysers at Garonga. By using the heater pump system, power is only used when the hot water tap is on, reducing electrical power by up to 80%.

Bio-gas System

Food waste and natural waste is mixed and channelled into a pit within a gas dome. A gas pipe then feeds out to the staff village kitchen which then uses this natural gas to cook with.

Water Treatment

Grey Water is pumped into a feeder tank which then pumps back into six different filtration plants. Once the water is thoroughly filtered and cleaned it is pumped back into the Camp waterhole for the animals.