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The Garonga Safari Brand Gets a Revamp

We are thrilled to finally share with you the new look Garonga Safari Co.

Our refreshed logo reflects all three of our luxury safari camps (yes, we have a brand new camp!) in the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve and the redesigned website speaks to the Garonga personality that you have come to know and love.

Logo: The elephant family

Like the strong familial bonds and deep compassion between members of a herd of elephants, Garonga has always centered around family. It has always been the heart and soul of Garonga. It guides the spirit of togetherness we have as a team, the atmosphere we cultivate across all our properties, and the warmth we welcome you with every time you stay with us. We have the unique privilege to be a family that calls the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve our wildly beautiful home, which we share with a special and diverse set of ‘neighbours’, including of course the elephant.

Garonga Safari, Luxury Safari CampsGaronga Safari, Luxury Safari CampsGaronga Safari, Luxury Safari CampsGaronga Safari, Luxury Safari Camps


Our logo has always celebrated this majestic animal, which is an icon of African wildlife and a member of the Big 5. In our new logo design, the second largest elephant is the matriarch and pays tribute to Maria Carmela Hambleden, the mother of Bernie, Garonga’s owner, whom our latest glamping safari camp MCH is named after. The largest elephant on the left represents the original property, Garonga Safari Camp, and the smallest of the three is, quite aptly, for Little Garonga.

Website: Charming experiences

To be immersed in the South African wilderness is to have all your senses awakened. The bush is a place of rustic, open outdoor spaces, where each day brings with it the possibility of new and exciting experiences. It is real and authentic, which is what we wanted to capture in the delightful hand-drawn design elements overlaid on photographs in our new website. They are unique, quirky and joyful, just us and the whole safari experience you can expect at Garonga. We hope they brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face every time you visit us online, as they do for us.

Big 5 Safari South AfricaBig 5 Safari South AfricaBig 5 Safari South Africa


A luxury Big 5 safari is extra special at Garonga Safari Co. – it is one that we believe stands out from the crowd of other South African safaris. In fact, we might even be so bold as to say other safari experiences across Southern Africa. This is because our ‘safari for the soul’ ethos speaks to the essence of a journey into the wilderness. It is about connecting with and replenishing mind, body and soul through nature therapy that the Greater Makalali offers up so effortlessly. Our new website is a visual representation of the romantic yet laid-back character of Garonga.

Safari Camp

Game drives are at the heart of the Garonga experience, allowing you to encounter the Big 5 and other wildlife up close. Your stay will typically include a morning and afternoon game drive in our open-air Land Rovers. Two of our experienced and qualified guides will lead you through the bush, impressing you with their knowledge of the great variety of wildlife in the reserve. Their tracking skills are exceptional, giving them the advantage of locating animals based on their recent movements and enabling your safari sightings dreams to come true. On a morning game drive, as the animals are waking up, tuck into tea, coffee and snacks in the bush. Then, in the late afternoon, sip on a cocktail or glass of wine as the sun slowly dips below the horizon. In addition to the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino), look out for cheetah, spotted hyena, black rhino, African wild dog, hippos, crocodiles, diverse plains animals and colourful birdlife.