Josia, guide at Garonga Safari Camp

The Garonga Diaries: Riding bicycles with Josia

Dear Diary

My name is Josia and I am a guide as well the safari administrator here at Garonga. This my very first time writing a blog for the Garonga Diaries so I will do my best to give a brief of what has been happening this week.

I have been home for nearly three months so boy has it been good to be back at work in my element.

The weather is slowly changing getting warmer every day which is awesome as I no longer have to wear that many layers in the early mornings.

We have a whole new team in, it’s been a bit of a slow start getting back into it as many of us haven’t been here for four months but at the end of the day it is like riding a bicycle. The getting up is a bit of challenge but we are falling back into our usual routine. There are many new protocols to follow to ensure everyone is healthy and that lodge is ready to welcome back our guests.

Massage Sala Safari Spa
Memories from Garonga – a deep relaxing massage in the Massage Sala


Sanle has been busy inputting all the end of month stocktakes which is a big job so it keeps us all on our toes. Maybe she needs a rest and Bukhani needs come back from her extended leave.

I never realised how much the admin team does until now. The camp will be nowhere without them even though they are always hiding behind the scenes.

Microlight flight at Garonga Safari Camp
Memories from Garonga – A microlight flight over the Makalali Conservancy


There was a shortage of fire wood at the staff village and Patrick played an important role of collecting all the wood. I can see he enjoyed taking the tractor out for a spin.

We are all aware that there’s always a problem that needs the maintenance team to repair. They have been busy running up and down catching up on their daily duties.

Wedding at Garonga Safari Camp
Memories from Garonga – a special wedding day in the bush

We look forward to seeing you next week.

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Feature image photo credit to Charles Baker