The Garonga Diaries: Mpho remembers the past and looks forward to the future!

Dear Diary,

My name is Mpho, I started to work here at Garonga Safari Camp last year, in August 2019, as a tracker. I started working together with Jaff who is head safari guide, and even now we are still going forward working as a team. I am staying at Sigagula next to the Orpen road, it is only one and half hours drive to the lodge from home. At home I’m staying with my family which is my wife and two boys, the first born is 11 years old, the second one is 4 years old. The first one’s name is Thswarelo he is in grade five at school and his favourite subject is English (and mathematics), so the second one is Dimpho, he is in grade R and his favourite game is playing soccer and he loves to watch movies! Enough of me now I will tell you about the last week.

Mpho and Josia keep their teeth pearly white as Mpho practices his guiding in preparation for an upcoming assessment! ©Sophie Barrett

Last week we got see every member of Garonga team as they all came in (in different groups) for practical Covid-19 training. The last group finished the training on Thursday afternoon and we learnt many things like when we need to be wearing masks, sanitising our hands, keeping proper social distance, and the important rules like how to protect each other and our guests.

We loved getting to see our whole team again and learning together about implementing practical Covid-19 safeguards! ©Sophie Barrett

For this week and even today I did enjoy this weather, from last week the changing of climate became cold and cloudy (nimbostratus cloud and low stratus and created a dense lying dark grey wet looking layer across the sky and rainfall) and for me I can say I am very much enjoying this weather, so I’m still looking to many things before I going on my leave.

Even on grey days we are lucky enough to see visitors at the lodge waterhole! ©Sophie Barrett

I want to share with you my favorite sighting since I am working here at Garonga (click here to read about more of our favorite sightings). It was last year, the two big male lions killed a giraffe and on the first day they ate the inner-stomach. The following day we saw the tracks of the whole pride of lions coming from south to east and we followed the tracks, the tracks began pointing to the east and we kept following and stopping to listen and I heard a hyena calling so at that time we went straight to the carcass and found all of the lion pride together sharing the meat, and the jackals and also hyenas, and vultures with different species like lappet faced vultures, white backed and hooded vultures. What I found interesting was to see the lions sharing the meat and the hyaenas trying to take the meat so the big male trying to chase them all away!


I am excited to reopen so we can find more sightings like these for our guests!

Have a nice weekend,