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Safari Camp Stories: The Unexpected Wildlife Sightings

by guide Josia Sibuyi and tracker Phineas Leane When our guests join us in the big, wild bush, often they’re expecting to see a lion or a zebra every 100m on a safari drive. This is completely understandable, of course – I mean, have you seen The Lion King’s opening scene? Unfortunately, the reality is… Read More »

Guides’ Wildlife Photo Competition Winners

Along with the photo competition that guests from both Garonga Safari Camp and Little Garonga can submit their safari moments to, we have also started an annual Wildlife Photo Competition for our guide and tracker teams. The teams: Jaffet and Richard; Josia and Phineas; Samantha and Stewart; Derrick and Kaizer; and Sophie and Bongi, get to explore the bush… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: Hanging Out with the Garonga Pride

by Samantha Hewitt, guide at Garonga One morning in mid-January, on a game drive with guests, we spotted some tracks of the two dominant male lions of the Garonga pride but didn’t follow up as they were walking in a very thick area that we decided was too dangerous for us to venture into. In the afternoon, we… Read More »