Safari Camp Stories: Following in the footsteps of giants; some unusual bush therapy!

Being a guide is a bit like being a parent, strictly speaking you aren’t supposed to have favourites. Saying that one of the most frequent questions guides and trackers are asked is “what is your favourite animal?” and that is not an easy question to answer! For me, my answer will be heavily affected by whatever animal I am looking at, at the time. Every animal species is special in its own unique way and when you begin to appreciate how seamlessly each species fits in with each other in the great balancing act that nature pulls off you appreciate that each species is a strong contender for the title of Favourite!

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Garonga Diaries: Sherlock Comes to Town

Dear Diary,

Back again! It’s Sophie guide and social media extraordinaire, ready with another diary entry for you all! Quite excitingly I am also here to announce a coming change in the format of our weekly diary blogs. We have fallen into an even rhythm with our skeleton staff on site so over the next few weeks, as we hope to move towards reopening our doors, the diaries will have more of a wildlife focus to them (if you have missed our other diary entries you can read more here). They say you should never work with children or animals, now I can’t comment on the former but as to the latter I can’t disagree strongly enough. Working with animals typically means that your day swiftly veers away from any plan you might have pulled together and that no two days are ever the same! Nature, in my opinion, has the best sense of humour. So moving forwards these diaries will share with you our top sightings and animal antics, and if there is anything out of the ordinary happening with our other teams we will be sure to let you know!

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Safari Camp Stories: The Garonga Pride Chronicles.

One of the most wonderful parts of my job is being able to watch animals as they grow and develop. I have been with Garonga for just over 2 years now and over that time I have watched the Garonga pride: add four brand new members to its ranks; seen the younger pride members develop and hone their hunting skills; journeyed with the youngest female as she fell pregnant, gave birth to her first litter of cubs and raised them through their critical first year; but most importantly I have watched as the cubs developed personalities of their own. I have watched as the pride has grown and built their strength to arrive at the point today when they are the strongest they have been for many years, and I want to share some highlights from that journey with you.

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The Garonga Diaries: Red Pens, Roars and Red Faces – Sanlè gives us the lodge lowdown!

Sanlè here – The most permanent resident of the Safari Camp office as the Admin Manager. Whilst everyone else comes and goes to and from the office looking after their departments or the guests, I can almost always be found at the centre of it all, surrounded by papers with my trusty red pen in hand!

View from the helm of the office – Sanlè’s kingdom!

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The Garonga Diaries: Big Smoke to the Bush, Loraine Keeps Us Up to Date!

Dear Diary,

Loraine here! I am the Safari Camp Manager and recently returned from my long-extended six weeks of leave in the “big smoke” a.k.a Gauteng.  Let me tell you Gauteng was like the North Pole (not that I have ever been there, but I can imagine) in comparison to the welcoming warmth here in Limpopo. Gauteng is about a five and half hours’ drive from here. Although it is nice to return to civilization to see family, friends, and of course big malls that cater to your every wish. There is nothing quite like waking up in the bush with a cup coffee on my stoep (porch) admiring the bushbuck as they browse in the garden and having the running of monkeys on your roof as your morning alarm.

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