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Safari Camp Stories : First Time Fever!

By Johnson Ntimane (Guide) It is so great to have the lodge open again and even better to have guests visiting us once more. I spent last week guiding a family of 4 guests from South Africa. The children were 7 and 9 years old, and they were very excited to see lions as they… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Leopards, Scars & Fires by Josia

Dear Garonga Diary, This week a lot has been happening especially with the safari team whilst doing monitoring drives. They had outstanding, stunning sightings which were a great achievement from the team. Taking you in mind that The Greater Makalali Reserve is very big which is over twenty thousand hectares in one drive we spotted… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: The Garonga Pride Chronicles.

One of the most wonderful parts of my job is being able to watch animals as they grow and develop. I have been with Garonga for just over 2 years now and over that time I have watched the Garonga pride: add four brand new members to its ranks; seen the younger pride members develop… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Red Pens, Roars and Red Faces – Sanlè gives us the lodge lowdown!

Sanlè here – The most permanent resident of the Safari Camp office as the Admin Manager. Whilst everyone else comes and goes to and from the office looking after their departments or the guests, I can almost always be found at the centre of it all, surrounded by papers with my trusty red pen in… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Big Smoke to the Bush, Loraine Keeps Us Up to Date!

Dear Diary, Loraine here! I am the Safari Camp Manager and recently returned from my long-extended six weeks of leave in the “big smoke” a.k.a Gauteng.  Let me tell you Gauteng was like the North Pole (not that I have ever been there, but I can imagine) in comparison to the welcoming warmth here in… Read More »