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Safari Camp Stories: Tracking Leopards with Kaizer

What a stunning unexpected leopard sighting this week. It was Monday morning when we started the game drive, everyone was wearing warm clothes because it was a very cold morning. Ten minutes after we left the camp we picked very fresh female leopard tracks, it was promising that we could find her anytime soon because… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: One for the history books!

What a remarkable week!? I started game drives this week in an exciting mood knowing that its going be a bit of a challenge. Very interesting, is that I was allocated to our new outstanding  TENTED CAMP which we have been long  waiting for it to be opened. I was long waiting to make  history… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: Elephants taking a dip with Johnson

My name is Johnson and I am one of the guides at Garonga Safari Company. This month is my turn to write a blog. I choose to write a blog with these pictures of the elephants to share the story with you how we got them because it is not something I usually get to… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories : The Antiheroes of the Bush

Humans are funny, we love to pick a side. There are certain creatures that we have decided to classify as “good” or desirable to see and spend time with; and others that we shun! Somehow hyenas and vultures inevitably seem to find themselves on the side of the “bush villains”. This is a designation that… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: We let the dogs out!

By Sophie Barrett (Guide at Garonga) There are certain animals that have had, for want of a better way to describe it, rum luck in terms of their history with humans. One such animal is the Wild Dog. African Wild Dogs go by a number of pseudonyms: – Painted Wolves; Cape Hunting Dogs; Painted Hunting… Read More »