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The Garonga Diaries: Cats, Cakes and the Bright side of Life with Bukani!

Dear Diary, My name is Bukani and I am the Assistant Administrator here at Garonga. I will be giving you a brief highlight of what transpired during the week. It has been exactly 105 days since the Lockdown started but here at Garonga we are positive and looking at the brighter side. The week started… Read More »

Meet the Team: Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve

The Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve (GMPGR), together with the Pidwa Wilderness Reserve forms the Greater Makalali Nature Reserve (GMNR), is a 22,000-ha game reserve situated outside Gravelotte in the Limpopo Province. The reserve has seven owners who have retained ownership of their individual properties but have removed fences to create a conservancy allowing game… Read More »