Safari Camp Stories: Mother Knows Best

by Sasha Maggs and Richard Nyathi, guide and tracker at Garonga

My mother has always told me that she has never felt stronger and more in charge than when she became a mother for the first time. The responsibility of the little one that is half of you brings out incredible protective instincts that will help you to defend this small piece of your heart that has joined you on the Earth from anything or anyone that may hurt it.

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Safari Camp Stories: House of Cats – a South African Political Thriller

by Sophie Barrett, guide at Garonga

The life of a guide is riddled with drama. It’s like a soap opera that changes the channel and airing time on a daily basis, you have to work to keep up and you never know when you will see the next installment or which characters will be in it. One of the most thrilling personalities on our show has got to be the lions. Their relationships are incredibly close but also tumultuous!

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Safari Camp Stories: The Unexpected Wildlife Sightings

by guide Josia Sibuyi and tracker Phineas Leane

When our guests join us in the big, wild bush, often they’re expecting to see a lion or a zebra every 100m on a safari drive. This is completely understandable, of course – I mean, have you seen The Lion King’s opening scene?

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are some days where you might not see any of your typical animals for almost a whole drive. Many factors play a part in this.

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Safari Camp Stories: Close Encounters

by Jaff Malapane, guide at Garonga

Some of the best safari camp stories start in a mysterious location with a mysterious cast. On this day I was actually lost and it doesn’t get more mysterious than that! I was coming from a part of the reserve called Harmony 90 (a remnant from when most of the area was owned by a mining company called Harmony), I had spent the morning looking for an elephant herd and after finding them, in a location that remains partly a mystery to me, I was making my way back to chartered territory.

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Safari Camp Stories: History in the Making

by Sophie Barrett, guide at Garonga

A game reserve is a place where unique moments happen on a daily basis. At any time seeing a particular creature, behaviour or interaction might be a first for either guest or guide. A game reserve is a place of wonder, a place where the definition of impossible is ‘it could happen tomorrow’. In such a place how do you decide which moments are everyday wonders and which are wonders for the history books? Usually this is a topic of hot and heavy debate, but recently here at Garonga we were all able to agree that one first was truly a first that will go down in the history of the reserve…

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