The Garonga Diaries: Lions, Mischief & Maintenance

A generally quiet week at Garonga (with the exception of some lion antics). The weather has become kinder and the extreme cold has departed for the moment. Every day now brings us 1 minute closer to summer. Fascinating I know.

The main event this week has been the Garonga lion pride that cornered/ambushed a kudu cow at the Boma fence by the farmhouse at Sunday dusk. To hear this poor young lady screaming and pining for her mum whilst she was being savaged by these lions did bring some quietness to us all. The lions, when devouring a prey, suddenly look very different; angry, violent, and intent on causing harm to anybody who even thinks of coming to disturb them. Not the cute little pussy cats anymore.

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The Garonga Diaries: Cakes, Cats and Coaches!

Dear Diary!

This week is going to rank, most definitely, as a great week! The ultimate highlight has to be that Bernie has introduced a weekly “cake day” (Fridays for those who are interested) and so each week the fabulous Reineth will keep her skills razor sharp – and our sanity and salivary glands in action – by rustling up a sweet delight in the kitchen!

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