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The Garonga Diaries: The Final Chapter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, It has been great writing these diaries over the ‘lockdown months’. We hope you have enjoyed them. Many thanks indeed to Sophie, the safari team, the personalities that took part, and of course to Anna at WildWeb for producing them. It is now the end of the story with this, the… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Training, Acting and fresh lion kills with Kaizer!

Dear Diary, My name is Kaizer and I am one of the guides here at Garonga. I live in a village called Share (you say it Sheerah) which is about 3 hours away from the lodge. I started working here at Garonga Safari Camp in October 2014. When I started I was a tracker. On… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Leopards, Scars & Fires by Josia

Dear Garonga Diary, This week a lot has been happening especially with the safari team whilst doing monitoring drives. They had outstanding, stunning sightings which were a great achievement from the team. Taking you in mind that The Greater Makalali Reserve is very big which is over twenty thousand hectares in one drive we spotted… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Mpho remembers the past and looks forward to the future!

Dear Diary, My name is Mpho, I started to work here at Garonga Safari Camp last year, in August 2019, as a tracker. I started working together with Jaff who is head safari guide, and even now we are still going forward working as a team. I am staying at Sigagula next to the Orpen… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Hear all about tracking Lions from Bongi!

Dear Diary, My name is Bongi. I have been working here at Garonga since 2018 as a tracker. This week it is my turn to tell you what we have been busy with.