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Safari Camp Stories: Josia’s Long Journey!

My long journey to a successful level 2 pass. I always wanted to take guiding to the next level but I knew that it takes a lot of energy to achieve that. It started the middle of 2020 whereby we had a Safari Meeting after shooting practice. Charles our assessor, he came to assist us… Read More »

5 Things That Helped Me Overcome My Fear of Elephants!

By Norma-Jean Naude (Lodge Manager) Growing up on a farm from a young age I only truly felt at home when I was in the bush, from sliding down a muddy two-track on your belly after heavy rains, the only swimming pool was dams or water troughs filled with all sorts of living organisms I… Read More »

Bush Escape – On foot with the Big and Hairies

When most people dream about a safari they picture a rough and rugged Landrover, open and exposed to the elements rumbling along well-worn dirt tracks in search of the bush residents that are what the journey to Africa has all been about. A safari is an opportunity to escape reality and its daily pressures and… Read More »

Garonga’s Green Initiatives!

With the Climate Change Conference about to start and people focusing suddenly on The Environment, it seems apt to talk a bit about what we at Garonga do for this. Many Lodges do something more or less but all are very aware of the sensitivity of the Environment. Now the most suitable people to be… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: Josia’s favourite animal

My name is Josia, and I am a guide at Garonga. I have been working as a guide for above ten years now. I would like to narrate once more about lions, we had the best lions sighting last week with the guests and “The Garonga pride”. The Garonga pride is a big pride of… Read More »