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Safari Camp Stories: Cat Fight!

All sightings on safari are special but there are some that stand out more than others and that is usually because of the behaviour that you see. Guides are often asked by first time safari goers whether they get bored seeing the same animals all the time. The guide usually gives the guest a knowing… Read More »

Winters in the Wild

We are often asked what is the “best” time of year to come on a safari. This is an excellent question, and like most excellent questions that usually means that it doesn’t have a very simple answer! Depending on who you ask the answer will differ, but there is a general consensus that winter is… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: Space, Time and a Safari for the Soul

My mother taught me that all good stories should start “Once upon a time, in a far away place…” and when I was curled up in bed listening to the stories that she wove around me, little did I imagine that one day that would be a fairly accurate way to reflect on my childhood!… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories : The Antiheroes of the Bush

Humans are funny, we love to pick a side. There are certain creatures that we have decided to classify as “good” or desirable to see and spend time with; and others that we shun! Somehow hyenas and vultures inevitably seem to find themselves on the side of the “bush villains”. This is a designation that… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: We let the dogs out!

By Sophie Barrett (Guide at Garonga) There are certain animals that have had, for want of a better way to describe it, rum luck in terms of their history with humans. One such animal is the Wild Dog. African Wild Dogs go by a number of pseudonyms: – Painted Wolves; Cape Hunting Dogs; Painted Hunting… Read More »