Lockdown Reading with ‘The Garonga Diaries’

Written by Bernie Smith, Founder and Owner of Garonga Safari Camp.

Having just completed our normal annual close down for a month with our spring cleaning, maintenance, deep cleaning by outside agencies, emptying of drains, cleaning and polishing of floors, it was a bit of a knock to now be given another few months (I’m assuming) to carry on with this.

There is only so much you can clean or do; or so we thought. However, this gives us plenty of opportunity now to really get behind the scenes of what can be improved. I have a huge list already.

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Don’t Stop Daydreaming About Your South African Safari

Stay inspired to go on your South African safari once the travel bans have lifted.

The wonderful, spontaneous acts of shared creativity and fun – despite social distancing and self-isolation – in even the most heavily affected countries, like Italy, show our spirit of kindness, humanity and togetherness. In South Africa, we use the isiZulu word ubuntu to describe this beautiful, deep sense of community and compassion.

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Safari Camp Stories: Let’s Go Swimming

by Sasha Maggs and Richard Nyathi, guide and tracker at Garonga

Elephants can be some of the most interesting and entertaining animals to observe. They’re highly intelligent, with deep-set family traditions and mannerisms. They mourn their dead, protect their young (sometimes in ferocious ways, as we found out last October), and have incredible memories – sometimes even remembering individual humans, and even cars, from many years past!

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Safari Camp Stories: The Last Decade, New Beginnings

by Sophie Barrett, guide at Garonga

From the whole team here at Garonga Safari Camp and Little Garonga, we would like to start off this blog wishing all our guests (past, present and future) and readers the happiest of new years and a very very happy start to a new decade! The start of a new year is often a time for reflection and resolutions. We re-evaluate our lives and our habits and promise to do better over the next twelve months. My plea to you all is to make this the year and the decade where our changes are focused on living environmentally consciously and sustainably.

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