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Safari Holidays in South Africa for the Soul

Now is the time to experience those safari holidays in South Africa because sometimes a ‘shake-up’ is just what we need to truly appreciate the beauty that is right on our doorstep. South Africa is a gloriously diverse country that has so much to show and tell even those of us that have lived for… Read More »

The Garonga Diaries: Onwards and Upwards!

Dear Diary (and everyone reading from home)! What a roller-coaster of a week we have had. Everyone is adjusting to a new routine and jumping in feet first. The early morning temperature checks are both reassuring and entertaining. Until the thermometer beeps everyone is eyed warily in case they are secretly harbouring a temperature. The… Read More »

The Animal Babies of the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve

Come with us on a journey into the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve and meet some of the endearing animal babies that call it home.

Don’t Stop Daydreaming About Your South African Safari

Stay inspired to go on your South African safari once the travel bans have lifted. The wonderful, spontaneous acts of shared creativity and fun – despite social distancing and self-isolation – in even the most heavily affected countries, like Italy, show our spirit of kindness, humanity and togetherness. In South Africa, we use the isiZulu… Read More »

Safari Camp Stories: Let’s Go Swimming

by Sasha Maggs and Richard Nyathi, guide and tracker at Garonga Elephants can be some of the most interesting and entertaining animals to observe. They’re highly intelligent, with deep-set family traditions and mannerisms. They mourn their dead, protect their young (sometimes in ferocious ways, as we found out last October), and have incredible memories –… Read More »