The Other Big 5 at Garonga

These are the Big 5 safari experiences that are the icons of our special ‘safari for the soul’ ethos.

We are lucky enough to share our home in the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve with Africa’s magnificent Big 5 (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino) and all manner of wildlife beyond these more iconic beasts. A Big 5 safari is a classic South African adventure, which we decided to make extra-special with another, different type of Big 5 of our own. These are five of our signature Garonga experiences that make up a large part of the essence of our ‘safari for the soul’.

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A Big 5 Safari (and Beyond) at Garonga

The Big 5 safari experience is a special part of our ‘safari for the soul’ ethos, as their presence leaves us all inspired and in awe, no matter how many times you encounter them in the South African wilderness. While we don’t doubt their magnificence, there are other equally beautiful and intriguing creatures that will have you absolutely enchanted.

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Getaway to Little Garonga for Your Family Holidays in South Africa

A private and luxury safari experience at Little Garonga, our exclusive-use lodge near to Garonga Safari Camp, is what unforgettable outdoor family holidays in South Africa are all about.

A world of virtual safaris has developed over the last few months, making us expert armchair travellers and allowing us to enjoy South Africa’s wilderness from our living rooms. Imagination has been a powerful tool that has helped us escape over this time, even if just for a couple of hours each day. But as the itchy feet for outdoor adventures take hold, no amount of wildlife livestreams and documentaries can compare to the real thing.

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Safari Holidays in South Africa for the Soul

Now is the time to experience those safari holidays in South Africa because sometimes a ‘shake-up’ is just what we need to truly appreciate the beauty that is right on our doorstep.

South Africa is a gloriously diverse country that has so much to show and tell even those of us that have lived for many years within her borders. From being a Big 5 stronghold and an important sanctuary for Africa’s most endangered wildlife species to a land rich in multi-cultural heritage and unique experiences that honour the country’s beauty, South Africa is a home worth celebrating.

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The Garonga Diaries: Onwards and Upwards!

Dear Diary (and everyone reading from home)!

What a roller-coaster of a week we have had. Everyone is adjusting to a new routine and jumping in feet first. The early morning temperature checks are both reassuring and entertaining. Until the thermometer beeps everyone is eyed warily in case they are secretly harbouring a temperature. The hypochondriac fear is completely erased when your number is normal and finally the day can begin! We are bringing order on every front to the usually lovingly regarded chaos that inevitably creeps in when guests are in camp. In the Housekeeping Department, a sharp eye and a bright rubber gloved finger follows anyone who ventures into the top store. Labels shine on shelves and everything down to the last pillow case has been meticulously organised.

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