The Garonga Diaries: Lions, Mischief & Maintenance

Lions feast at Garonga Safari Camp

A generally quiet week at Garonga (with the exception of some lion antics). The weather has become kinder and the extreme cold has departed for the moment. Every day now brings us 1 minute closer to summer. Fascinating I know.

The main event this week has been the Garonga lion pride that cornered/ambushed a kudu cow at the Boma fence by the farmhouse at Sunday dusk. To hear this poor young lady screaming and pining for her mum whilst she was being savaged by these lions did bring some quietness to us all. The lions, when devouring a prey, suddenly look very different; angry, violent, and intent on causing harm to anybody who even thinks of coming to disturb them. Not the cute little pussy cats anymore.

Then on Wednesday a lion who was clearly missing his water at the Garonga boom gate decided to wrench the head of the tap off! Joseph (gate guard) was of course neatly secure and tucked up inside his house there.

Otherwise, the safari team have been bush clearing as ever and continuing a monitor on the animals.

Now that we are nearing the end of government assistance for staff wages, it moves on now to admin (Bukani) to start more paperwork to apply for less grants but at least some form of assistance if it is accepted by the government fund. All a bit worrying now. So admin have always got something to do. Maritjie still keeping check on what needs doing. Just realised we had a whole load of dry cleaning still in the cleaners that had closed for lockdown, and only just reopened. Then all safari waterproofs to go there also for some cleaning. On that note if you are coming to Garonga, and because of COVID etc, you will need to bring your own waterproofs. We wont be sharing them anymore.

Virginia did the usual TGI Cake Day; an amazing chocolate cake. Otherwise her normal kitchen duties of cleaning and ensuring the skeleton crew have something to eat.

Cake Friday at Garonga Safari Camp
Cake Friday again! Yum!

Albert and his maintenance crew are ALWAYS busy. Pipes again, and also hot water in the staff village. I often wonder why they wait 3 days to report they have no hot water, and IN WINTER! Maybe they like a fresh cold shower in the mornings. Anyway back up and running. Now coming to the end of month already so plenty to do on month end checks; pools, drains, diesel (there’s now a shortage in SA), and so on.

Keep well and enjoy your ‘Freedom’ if you are in the UK or Europe; now I see what social distancing means (very little if in UK it seems). We are more prepared here.

See you next week. From next week we will have different writers, so it will not always be the same person each week. Something different and new for the diaries to continue with for a bit.

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All the best, Bernie

Author: Anna da Graca

Anna is the Digital Marketing Manager for Garonga Safari Camp at Wild Web - a digital marketing and web development agency.