The Garonga Diaries: Winter, Walks and Wild Enthusiasm!

Dear Diary,

This week the winter bite has truly set in and sent everyone scrambling through forgotten hiding places for hats and gloves! There is an argument that we might be overreacting, today for example, our daily temperature is set to swing between 9°C and 23°C – in England this would be considered balmy but for Limpopo this mandates full winter gear (except of course for trousers – #realguideswearshorts) and a lot of commenting on the arctic type weather! In our defence we are not built for this!

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Safari Holidays in South Africa for the Soul

Now is the time to experience those safari holidays in South Africa because sometimes a ‘shake-up’ is just what we need to truly appreciate the beauty that is right on our doorstep.

South Africa is a gloriously diverse country that has so much to show and tell even those of us that have lived for many years within her borders. From being a Big 5 stronghold and an important sanctuary for Africa’s most endangered wildlife species to a land rich in multi-cultural heritage and unique experiences that honour the country’s beauty, South Africa is a home worth celebrating.

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The Garonga Diaries: A Purrfect End to the Week

Dear Diary,

As the Starks would say – winter is coming! The mornings have a definite bite to them now and our days are starting with us more and more bundled up. On Friday last week the Safari Squad were doing a passable impression of the Michelin Man and were on our way to finish up clearing the airstrip.

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The Garonga Diaries: Double Takes

Dear Diary,

This week in the lodge was one of doubles! What, we asked ourselves, could possibly make a week better than by enjoying our ‘Cake Friday’? The answer, of course, was to double the cake quotient! The wonderful Bukani had her birthday on Wednesday and as all birthdays should be it was a day of singing and CAKE! In these strange times it was particularly wonderful to be able to celebrate life.

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The Garonga Diaries: Flames, Firing and Fiery Souls

Dear Diary,

Another week has slipped past, and we have used our time well! With maintenance of the reserve well under way, our focus inevitably moves towards our guests who are being thoroughly missed at the moment, and whilst we have some downtime we are experimenting with new ways to make the Garonga guest experience that much more unforgettable!

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