Don’t Stop Daydreaming About Your South African Safari

Garonga, South African Safari, Lion Cub, Big 5 Lion

Stay inspired to go on your South African safari once the travel bans have lifted.

The wonderful, spontaneous acts of shared creativity and fun – despite social distancing and self-isolation – in even the most heavily affected countries, like Italy, show our spirit of kindness, humanity and togetherness. In South Africa, we use the isiZulu word ubuntu to describe this beautiful, deep sense of community and compassion.

Garonga, African Tortoise, Social Distancing

We continue to believe in travel, both as an experience and a state of mind, and this belief in the benefits of nature travel resonates in our philosophy of ‘a safari for the soul’. So, while we wait for the virus to lose momentum (because, yes, this too shall pass), here is why we recommend a good dose of the outdoors on safari for your next trip:

Recharge your batteries: Your zen might be a little flat and in need of some topping up once all of this is over. Plug into your inner love and light as you step onto your mat on our yoga deck or are pampered under the hands of one of our trained therapists at the massage sala.

Garonga, Safari Camp, Yoga Deck

Breathe in the fresh air: After being cooped up inside (we hope not for much longer), your body and mind will appreciate the fresh air found in the wilderness. Whether on a three-hour guided walking safari or spending a starlit night on our sleep-out deck, you can fill your lungs with glorious, clean air.

Garonga, South African Safari, Safari Camp, Sleep Out Deck

Encounter your spirit animal: It is so often through challenging times that we learn new things about ourselves. As you meet a range of different animals while exploring the bush by game drive, helicopter or on foot, you might come across one that you now feel a particularly deep connection with.

Garonga, African Elephant, Big 5 Elephant

Detox from the digital: If you have been engrossed in your phone or computer following news updates and passing the hours on social media, it might be time to replace the screen with uncompromising views of nature’s beauty.

Garonga, South African Safari, Safari Camp

Indulge your senses: Every meal on safari is an experience that asks all your senses to be present. Your eyes will feast on the vibrant colours and presentation, your nose will love the deliciously fresh smells, your taste buds will be tantalized by the variety of textures, your ears tuned in to the sounds of the bush around you, and some meals will be best enjoyed with your hands.

Garonga, Safari Camp, Gourmet Getaway, Foodie Safari

At Garonga, we are fortunate to have the crisp air and wide, open spaces of the Greater Makalali Private Nature Reserve to keep our spirits up. We know that many of you have been housebound for several days now and might be feeling restless, longing for an outdoor adventure. So, we have put together a list of funny and heart-warming Safari Camp Stories to bring the South African safari experience to you:

A Zebra Walked into a Bar…

Garonga, South Africa, African Zebra

Mother Knows Best

Garonga, South Africa, African Elephant, Big 5 Elephant

A Double Pangolin Sighting

Garonga, South Africa, African Pangolin, Ground Pangolin

For those that have an existing booking with us, we encourage you to postpone rather than cancel your safari.

Finally, from all of us at Garonga Safari Camp and Little Garonga, we wish you and your loved ones good health over this time.