December News

It all seems so long ago now, but Happy New year and every success for 2014. Am so chuffed that another Politician has taken up The Berlusconi Banga Banga theme. Monsieur Francois Hollande has taken to pedal scootering to his “bit on the Side” round the corner from the Palace in Paris. Not exactly a very stylish getaway; rumour has it that his Bodyguard is tasked with buying Croissants from the corner shop for them both – “‘allo allo”. Straight out of the TV comic series! Meanwhile his Regular Companion is so overwrought that she has to be taken to Hospital with severe stress!! It must be difficult trying to keep his three babes happy (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then week-ends off??).

Chancellor Merkel has a skiing accident but still manages to get around. Good for her. Egypt has hopefully sorted itself out a bit better; unfortunately in some countries Democracy (as we know it) just doesn’t work and you need a strong powerbase; same as in Russia; you need a strong leader otherwise before you know it the Chechnyans and their Muslim Fanatics will be exploding things all over.

Here in South Africa we are still trying to find out who the Impostor was at Maidba’s Memorial. The guy doing the deaf language/signage was apparently used many times at ANC Rallies/Events; now that explains it all! So there’s this Guy rubbing shoulders with the likes of Obama and so on; how funny is that. Zuma is counting the days to the next election (only a few months to go) so best to build as many houses for himself as possible on the Taxpayer before his time runs out. Mugabe’s turning 90 now, and so a few more clones need to be made. The DRC once again in chaos as they all struggle to be No.1 to make as much money as possible out of their people. So situation normal really.

Queen Elizabeth prepares to welcome home The English Cricket Team
after they lost 'The Ashes' series to Australia 5-0!

Sports – nothing worth mentioning really. Only that small urn called “The Ashes” which just about sums up that terrible cricketing performance. England badly burnt and not looking too rosy for the future. Australia, I have to admit, were an awesome machine and deservedly won a whitewash! They next come down here to South Africa where I’m sure there will be a much harder fought battle and won’t be so easily intimidated by Moustaches and gobby Warners.

Down here in sleepy hollow we have had the inevitable rains and of course happened to be over Xmas and New year. The river did come down in flood for a day but now everything is so thick and lush green. It was a pleasure to welcome Hella again (Germany Marketing Company for Garonga) with a team of German Tour/Travel Operators. Thanks Hella, you did a sterling job; what a great bunch of people they were as well! There you go, always spike the drinks, the tea, the coffee and whatever else you can spike! A very warm welcome back to Soren; will see you again in August with the folks, Soren!

The Game Viewing has been spectacular with so much game on Garonga now (always happens after the rains) that twice in a week Cheetah have been seen killing two Impalas (one each); the big male leopard also by the airstrip, the breeding herd of ellies, the two big male lions and so on. I really would ask our Guests to post on Facebook or our website if you get a chance, as am sure there are some doubting Thomas’s out there saying “Easy to say that on a newsletter”. Well, it’s Gospel, and it’s a Sunday today, AND I’m a Catholic! With the heat and the rains the sleepouts took a bit of a dive, but what was really popular were the Microlites; even had two families who used the Microlites to fly them to Hoedspruit Airport, and their luggage taken by road – it feels like going back to another era; great fun for them, and something very novel for us; but, hey, why not!

Xmas evening we did our usual traditional Turkey, and Crackers and silly hats! Great fun! New years Eve was a fairly quiet affair with the last Guests leaving at 0030 hrs. For the Staff Xmas Party the main Staff went to Polokwane for the day off, and I took the frontline staff to Dinner and the night at the Coach House; I thought I’d give it a go again after a number of years after it was taken over by some Hotel group. Unfortunately it did not live up to its reputation when Guy Mathews owned and ran it, and so will give it a miss in future; very sad but there is no TLC there, and it has so much potential.

Things to look forward to: offering a stay 4 pay 3 in January and February; the Garonga/Steenberg Package begins again March to September, and would now recommend “Olivers Hotel and Spa” near White River for any stayover in the Hazyview/White River Area. We are closed for most of March for our annual clean up and maintenance; all of March for Little Garonga as we are adding (Finally) another bathroom in the Hambleden Suite for the Kids rooms, so that Kids can no longer use the excuse of using the Loo just to see what “mum and dad are up to in the middle of the night”!

Keep well and all the very best! Hope to see you down here one day.

Cheers for now,