Bush Fire on the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve near Garonga.

It had to happen some time but why a Sunday! Anyway trajically for a Giraffe, it ran into a power line causing the line to snap but also spark up on the ground. The Giraffe ran off but had been badly injured. Anyway the Bush obviously caught alight, and hey presto all men to the Pumps! After a good 4 hours it was brought under control, but was checked on throughout the night. Luckily that day/evening was cool and with no winds ( a few days before and the day after the winds were really bad, and would have caused a huge fire.

What was excellent to note was that all members of the reserve rushed to assist and so eventually we had plenty of bods. The fire was on the Siyafunda side of the reserve south of Garonga. This is always a bad time for fires when the Bush is so dry, and the weather can be very windy and hot. Anyway fingers crossed for the next 2 months before the first rains!

Dramatic picture of the fire at Dusk.

Lion Kill

Whilst on a Night Game Drive we were fortunate to see this kill. The Male has the spoils as normal.

[youtube KqyYwCG44P8 Lion Kill]