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Garonga Weddings

Your wedding is said to be one of the most memorable days in your life - however, this is often not the case, and unnecessary stress and irritation can occur when things do not run as smoothly as planned. Garonga will not only offer you a place of tranquility to hold your dream wedding, but we will be able to assist you in coordinating and organising the event thereby leaving you free to relax and enjoy your special day in style.

Wedding Itinarary


The Garonga staff are well trained and highly capable of catering to your individual needs to ensure that you have a truly unforgettable wedding. There are various options available - picture yourself doing the following:

  • Your wedding morning indulge in a delicious breakfast followed by a relaxing massage.
  • Light lunch after the ceremony (Summer only) on an adorned elevated deck that overhangs the riverbed.
  • A game drive with champagne in the bush as the sun sets, or a Bush Bath with champagne at sunset.
  • A private dinner on the lower deck to continue the celebration.

The Ceremony


The ceremony for your wedding can be organised to take place in any one of the stunning areas at Garonga or Little Garonga such as the pool deck or in the bush itself. The sleep-out deck is another venue that is highly recommended.

The Priest

A Non-Denominational Priest will arrange for all the documentation to be completed correctly. The priest will meet with the couple for an hour on the day before the service to finalize documentation. In order to ensure this process runs smoothly, the bride and groom will require the following documents:

  • Passports
  • Original divorce papers from previous marriages (if applicable)
The Priest will conduct the service in a very friendly, relaxed manner and it will have a hint of an African theme to it.



The priest will be register all weddings with the United Nations (UN) through the local Department of Home Affairs each marriage registered with the UN is legal within each country belonging to the UN. This UN marriage certificate can be collected from the South African Embassy or Consulate once you return to your country of origin. Some countries such as Australia require that couples acquire a certificate authorizing them to marry outside of Australian borders (which can take anything up to 6 weeks to obtain).

Additional Services

  • Choir and Dance Group - On request
  • Photography - On request
Apostle: On Request
  • An Apostille for those countries that require it, eg. Germany
Massage Treatment Costs
  • 30 minutes = R 260
  • 45 minutes = R 475
  • 1 hour = R 520

Wedding Package

2015 Rate - R 10 000
2016 Rate - R 11 500

This includes:

Photographer: Terms & Conditions for Weddings: